Intensely scorching, fueled by the slamming, power precision drumming of Felix Lehrmann, grounded by the unerring pulse of bassist Thomas Stieger and sparked by the pyrotechnic soloing of vibraphonist/synth player Raphael Meinhart and guitar shredder Arto Mäkelä, the music of Marriage Material draws on a world of influences and strikes with the impact of a sledgehammer. Call it fusion, world music, modern jazz, neoclassical or even progressive rock, but the founders of Marriage Material prefer to call it cinematic jazz. Indeed, the soundscapes they create conjure up an array of intriguing images while packing an imposing punch. - Bill Milkowski, NYC, 2021

ENCHANTMENT UNDER THE SEA (2023 Jazzline/Leopard)

MARRIAGE MATERIAL (2021 Jazzline/Leopard)

Arto Mäkelä - Guitar

Raphael Meinhart - Vibraphone, Marimba, MalletKat Pro, Synths

Thomas Stieger - Bass

Felix Lehrmann - Drums


Four Berlin-based musicians formed Lords of Lounge to channel some surf-inspired, easy-listening lounge classics.

Their method is simple; Recording everything while composing. No demos. No overdubs. Pure vibes and inspiration straight to tape.


Dad-rock, surf-pop, Meter-esque riffs, indie-strumming…all included.

Dirk Berger - Guitar

Connor Fitzgerald - Drums

Boti Ikvai-Szabó - Guitar

Thomas Stieger - Bass